〜For the future of Indian and Nepalese Children〜
For the future of Nepalese Women and Children

 About Us
 Laligrans Japan is an international NGO to rootout trafficking and prostitution of Nepalese girls and women.
 While participating in variousactivities against the causes, we are working to help the HIV positive patients and disabled women and children.

 Laligurans Japan is a voluntary organization.
Each of our staff has his/her own job, and we have no paid staff.
 So, please understand that we may not be able to respond quickly to your inquiry.
 Instead of telephone, Fax or E-mail are recommended for your inquiry or contact .
Phone & Fax : 03-3446-2193
 E-mail info@laligurans.org

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TV & Mass Media
 TV Broadcast
TBS News Special Edition
[The Shadow of Economy boosting India--Girls now!]
 PM 5:30-6:30, 14th January 2007
The representative of Laligulans Japan Mariko Hasegawa, affiliated with the Nepali rescue foundation Maiti Nepal, reports India-Nepal woman trafficking.
 Mass Media Publication
[The Nikkan Gyousei Journal, 7th February 2006 issue, Kyodo News]
The representative of Laligulans Japan Mariko Hasegawa is interviewed in the column 'Wind of NPO & NGO'.
 The 7th Asia Pacific AIDS International Conference
1st-5th January 2005
Maiti Nepal and Laligurans Japan Attended.
 TV Broadcast
NHK [Hot Evening Gifu]
PM 6:10-7:00, 27th June 2005
The representative of Laligulans Japan Mariko Hasegawa talks on Nepali woman trafficking.
 TV Broadcast
TBS [Tetsuya Tukushi NEWS 23]
PM 10:54-0:00, 2nd June 2005
The activities of Laligulans Japan is introduced.

TEL&FAX 03-3446-2193
e-mail info@laligurans.org
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